About Me

Technical Skills

★ experienced, ★★ knowledgeable, ★★★ strong

Django ★★★

  • Django REST Framework, Django Channels, JWT, Jinja2
  • queryset optimization (including overriding default queryset methods and caching), multi-db managing
  • knowledge about descriptors and metaclasses of python and its applications on Django models
  • available to understand and analyse Django source codes

Golang ★★★

  • API Server implementation

Spring Framework ★★

  • Spring Boot, JPA (Hibernate), jUnit5

Vue.js ★★★

  • ES6, Vuex, Webpack customization, grpc-web

DevOps & Etc.

  • Git (git flow, github, GitOps), Docker, Vim, Nginx, Azure
  • MSA (Kubernetes, Istio, Envoy, gRPC), AWS, Terraform, Vault, Helm
  • RDBMS, RabbitMQ, DynamoDB, Redis, Couchbase
Work Experience

Devsisters Corp. (2018.05 - present)

SW Engineer in DevPlay cell

  • Develop DevPlay, a mobile game platform.

Ancle, Inc. (2017.07 - 2018.05)

SW Developer in Service Development Dept

  • Developed backend of several web sites with Spring framework.
  • Managed relocating operating server to Azure computing instance and introduced Docker based server managing process.
  • Developed in-company HRM system by using Django.

TalkYou (2017.12 - 2019.07)

Full-stack developer and service maintainer

  • Developed RESTful API server by using DRF.
  • Developed web app by using Vue.js.

Startup and Concentrated Programming Camp (2017.06 - 2017.07)

Participant in which hosted by KAIST and BonAngels, Inc.

One Two Three, Inc. (2015.07 - 2015.08)

Internship provided by KAIST CUOP Program (Company-University Cooperation)



2013 - present, undergraduate

School of Computing (Computer Science),
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences (Double major)

Korea Science Academy of KAIST

2010 - 2012, highschool

Side Projects

KAIST USC Website (2016.05 - 2018)

Full-stack developer (excluding web design) @ https://student.kaist.ac.kr

  • Website of KAIST Undergraduate Student Council developed by Django.
  • Ported KAIST SSO implementation of Django to Python3 and applied it.
  • I18n fully supported for international students.

Nationwide Students' Vote Competition on 19th Presidential Election (2017.05)

Full-stack developer (excluding web design) @ https://univote.kr

Korean: 제19대 대선 전국 대학생 투표대항전

  • Proof shot uploading platform which shows voting ranking of each university to encourage students to participate on the 19th Korean presidential election.
  • DRF and Angular2 are used.
  • About 2,600 students participated in total. (http://news.joins.com/article/21540856)

Open Source Contributions

  • [Improvement] Webpack Doc (webpack/webpack.js.org)
  • [L10N] Webpack Korea (webpack-korea/webpack.js.org)
  • [Documentation] Django REST Framework (encode/django-rest-framework)
  • [Bugfix] Apache Common Math (apache/commons-math)
  • [L10N] Linux Mint Applets (linuxmint/cinnamon-spices-applets)
  • [Improvement] KAIST SSOv3 in Django for Python3 (hangpark/DJANGO4KAIST)

Other Projects

See https://github.com/hangpark for more information.

  • English - Intermediate
  • Korean - Advanced
  • Solving social problems with IT technologies
  • Dev talks and discussions
  • Learning good architectures and designs
  • Automation of development process for more efficient work flow